Beautiful Minds Online Gathering

Upside Down Kingdom

13-15 May, 2021
Thursday & Friday 19.30, Saturday 10.00
In-person and Online

When we choose Jesus, we are also choosing to serve a completely different and upside kingdom to the worldly kingdom we are humanly born into and live in. It's a spiritual kingdom full of love, purpose, surrender and hope. How do we thrive in it? Join us as we go Upside Down and unpack this theme through worship, powerful messages, personal stories. This year, everything is live streamed but our evenings are also in-person services.

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Upside Down Kingdom

In this crazy long season of isolation, emotional and mental health struggles and lack of community- we really want to create an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to minister to you and refresh you mentally and spiritually from the inside out! To thrive in God’s kingdom is a little like living upside down. And that is not always easy. It means responding to things in a way that is often completely different from what our emotions or this world is telling us! The beautiful thing is that God graces us for it. Are you needing some fresh insight and faith to renew the way you think and find a new courage to trust God? We understand and are with you! Come and learn with us about the heart of surrender. Where to win, we first have to lose. To find true life, we first have to die to ourselves. That’s why this Gathering is all about you getting personal and real with God. We have captured a dream of seeing women everywhere removing their worldly crowns and laying them down at His feet so that He can position upon their heads the authentic crown of love. This crown carries our purpose, our identity and it declares a powerful new narrative over our life. The Upside Down Kingdom will be online and will run over two evenings and a short morning. This will space out the online experience and create room to breathe. We are also excited to give you the option to be physically present on Thursday or Friday night. So, be sure to book your seat before it's too late! Love from the Beautiful Minds Team.

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The speakers

Lizby Warren

Amsterdam & Almere

Lizby Warren is the founder of Beautiful Minds and has a clear vision and passion to see women choose to walk the journey of renewing their minds and understanding the fullness of their identity in Christ so they can find freedom. Lizby, and her husband Steve, are the Senior Pastors of C3 Imagine in The Netherlands and have been part of the C3 global family for over 20 years. They are also the Regional Directors for C3 Europe and love caring for pastors and their churches. And it all began when they moved from the UK in 2004 with their two boys into a very unknown but exciting adventure....

Sunny Kane

Atlanta, USA

Sunny Kane, alongside her husband Jeff are Senior Pastors of C3 Church Atlanta. They have two boys, Parker (19), and Cooper (16). Since walking through the doors of C3 in 1999, Sunny has served in many capacities including Young Adults Pastor, Women’s Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Campus Pastor. Sunny and Jeff stepped into their current Senior Pastor roles in 2015. Sunny has a passion to help others realize their value so that they can boldly and confidently fulfill their God-given calling. Her powerful preaching and funny stories will inspire people to reach further, aim higher, and stand stronger in their relationship with Jesus.

Couch & Chats


On Saturday, we will be hearing from a few influential voices within C3 Imagine, as Jen Spencer, Abir Baldassari, Monique Jacobsz and Pavitra Kiran chat on the couch together. Here they will draw out the power of their own personal stories whilst giving us some practical tools in our discipleship journey in The Upside Down Kingdom.


13 May 2021

7:30 - 8:45PM | Service | online via livestream & in-person (there will be extended worship and ministry only in-person)

14 May 2021

7:30 - 8:45PM | Service | online via livestream & in-person

15 May 2021

10:00 - 11:15AM A zoom to connect us altogether. Couch chats | Communion | Prayer


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Why I Love Engaging With Beautiful Minds


Almere, The Netherlands

Through Beautiful Minds, I’ve been given tools with which I’ve learned to overcome some emotional battles. This community has taught me that real change happens when we dare to look inside. I’m so grateful for this amazing group of women


Surrey, UK

Fear dresses itself in different 'outfits'; comparison, jealousy, individuality, selfishness - and at the root, I can be so easily trapped by fear. This is why learning to renew my mind is really important. Our thought life and internal wrestle is not something we all find easy to talk about and so journeying with a community of women through Beautiful Minds is really special.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful Minds helped me see that my life was being run by my emotions and insecurity. Through God's help and the guidance of this ministry, I have been able to ‘renew my mind’, so that I am not ruled by my feelings. I have gained a greater understanding of God's love and acceptance of me which has become the lens through which I now see my life


Cheltenham, UK

For me, Beautiful Minds has all been about growing in my relationship with God and flourishing in life


Almere, The Netherlands

Beautiful Minds teaches me to think positively, by capturing degrading thoughts and aligning them with the truth of God.


How can I register for this Beautiful Minds event?

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We’re so excited you want to join us! You can click here to register for the Gathering. You can also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be the first to hear about our events in future, and to stay up to date on any updates. 

Will the event be in-person or only online?

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This Beautiful Minds gathering will be a hybrid event. On Thursday and Friday, we will have an in-person experience which we will be livestreaming to your homes as simultaneously. As a bonus, on Thursday we will be hosting some extended worship and ministry during the in-person service only. A great extra reason to join us in-person to get the full experience! On Saturday, the sessions will be online only.

How do I get to the Gathering?

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The Beautiful Minds Gathering is hosted at C3 Imagine Zuid- Oost. It is ideally located with easy access to the A1 and A9, and is well serviced with both train and bus services. Public transport timetables and journey planners for both train and bus services are available at 9292 while Google maps can provide driving directions from any location in the Netherlands. C3 Imagine ZO is located 5 minutes’ walk from the Bus stop or 10 minutes’ walk from the Train station.

Where can I park?

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There are free parks onsite (as directed by carpark assistants).

What social distancing procedures will be in place for the event?

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We have taken very intentional steps to keep you safe including health checks on arrival and facemasks. Our chairs have been separated by 1,5m so you can keep social distancing while at church. We have also implemented a one-way walking route to ensure safe entry and exit.

Why can I only sign up for one session in-person and how do I join online?

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Due to us only being able to host a capped amount of people in the building during the COVID pandemic and we would like to give everyone the opportunity to come it is necessary to limit one in-person session for the conference per person. But, joining us online for the other moments will be just as powerful as being here in-person. Virtual is not the opposite of real. It’s the opposite of physical. They are both real! When we gather online it is a real gathering where you will be impacted, through your laptop, phone, tv or ipad. God is not limited.

Can I invite my friend who does not go to church?

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Yes of course you can, we would love you to! Please send her the link to this invite.

What do I need to bring?

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Water, notepad, pen and a friend!

In Eventbrite I see the option "Donate to Beautiful Minds". How does that work and what will the donation be used for?

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We are offering you a free Gathering online and in-person, however, we would like to ask you to consider a donation to Beautiful Minds, to help us cover the costs for this Gathering. In the ticket section of Eventbrite you will find an option to donate. Just fill in the amount of your choice and click on: Checkout. After filling in your details you can pay online. Thank you very much!

How can I connect with Beautiful Minds and find out more information?

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Good question! Just subscribe to our newsletter below and we will keep you up to date of new developments, events and resources coming available to you

Can I cancel my ticket after my registration?

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Yes! Just shoot us an e-mail at and just let us know that you want to cancel. But… Why would you want to miss this anyway? ;)

Will the sessions be online anywhere for me to watch afterwards?

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Yes, they will be available on our C3 Imagine YouTube channel.

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