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Your Mind is Like a Garden

Written by Lizby Warren

I have found one of the most powerful ways to renew my mind is to FIRST imagine the inside of my mind like a garden. Gardens need shaping, cultivating and wise stewardship to make them beautiful. Just like our minds. But unlike your own physical garden, where you can raise your hands in despair and announce you are a hopeless gardener so you hire in a professional; the garden of your mind has only ONE head gardener. And that is you. 

We are called to cultivate a beautiful mind.

The landscape of our mind can either be seeded with the most incredibly fragranced flowers growing deep in rich soil. Reflecting God's truth in our lives and who we really are. Or they can be compromised with scary looking weeds growing amidst the flowers. The lies we accept, the negative thoughts we dwell on and the condemnation we choose to ascribe to ourselves. Toxic weeds that strangle out the truth and leave us defeated and insecure.

1 Peter 5:8 tells us that the devil roams around looking for someone to prey upon. How do we resist him? By being alert in our thinking. Giving him no opportunity to plant a weedy seed. We are fighting an unseen battle that is so real. The devil wants your mind to be in constant state of defeat but Jesus wants your mind to embrace the truth of your new identity and the freedom He has bought for you. So you have a kingdom mindset, secured in the unshakeable victory you have been given.

I've decided to be a women who does not live with an abundance of weeds in the garden of my mind. It's therefore a daily choice. We are not victims of our thoughts. We can choose to uproot and reprogramme our minds, with the Word of God. Your mind is not a cage where your dark thoughts are trapped forever.  We have so much more hope than that! 

Reshaping the garden of our mind is work

On the days I am working in my front garden at home, I am inevitably attempting to destroy bunches of weeds. It's tough to dig them out when when they are intertwined with my plants.  Pulling them merely snaps off the stem which fails to address what's underneath. Sometimes I just can't be bothered! "That weed is spiky and hurts to touch. Someone else in the family will do it. I'll do it another day. It may die by itself. I'm going to ignore it. I could pretend that it's a real flower." All the excuses we give ourselves that the responsibility for the way we think is not ours, it's too painful to address, I prefer to run away, I'll pretend it's all ok.

We have to take ownership

Our lives are always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts, so we need to address the state of our mind if those prevalent thoughts are ones of defeat or insecurity.

I encourage you. To commit yourself with me to the truth in Romans 12:2. So that your heart becomes even more soft and beautiful by transforming the way you think. Let's work at making the garden of our minds a place of beauty, strength and a true representation of who we really are.