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The Rooms of Your Heart

Written by Lizby Warren

At 15, I opened the door of my heart to You
And from that moment You have taught me
That Your desire
Is to make Your home in there
To live and move and speak
In every room of my heart

Because Your Word tells me 
That I will never experience 
Your fullness of freedom 
If I divide my heart
And close my inner doors

You have taught me
That to transform a life
You need full access
Even when rooms of that heart 
Have been broken into pieces
Scarred by betrayal
Damaged by words
Shattered by loss
Made heavy by the weight of sin

Over the years 
As you have worked
In the inner rooms of my heart 
I have witnessed your healing 
The breath of the Holy Spirit 
Reshaping my broken identity 
And securing me in love 

You've entered the relationships room
And smashed the unhealthy labels 
You have redefined me!
You've shaped my purpose room
And connected me back into it 
When I lost my way
You've transformed my financial room 
And empowered me 
To trust you
You've breathed wisdom into my marriage room
And taught me to love, to forgive
And let go

In every room
You've brought my dead things to life
You've broken the tight reign of fear
Healed the rejection
And ushered in 
A New Day
These rooms are the birthplace 
Of my incredible God story 

So my rooms
Are your rooms
And I will forever keep bowing the knee
When your Spirit tells me 
That I have manoeuvred myself 
To be first in that room
And not You

You have revealed to me
That the condition of my heart
Determines the landscape of my mind
For out of my heart all the issues of my life flow
So as you bring hope to every room
I choose to reframe my every waking day 
With words of golden truth
So that my mind 
Becomes more beautiful

And now with faith in this heart
I choose to be
An ambassador of hope 
A cultural architect 
In Your House
Who together with my tribe
Build a Home
Where Heaven Touches Earth
And the heart of the captives 
Are set free