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Living In An Upside Down Kingdom

Written by Lizby Warren

In 2004 we moved as a family from the UK to The Netherlands in search of our next steps with God and our future. Many people called it a short jump across the ‘pond’. In reality, it was a dramatic shift from one home culture to a foreign one. It has taken years of seeking to understand Dutch culture in order to survive..…and thrive within it! Who ever knew that bikes rule the roads and under no circumstance should you find yourself wandering onto a bike lane…

Moving cultures is one thing. But moving KINGDOMS is a wholly different story. Colossians 1:13 makes a dramatic contrast: 

For He has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of His dear Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

When we give our lives to Jesus and we enter His Kingdom- there is a radical shift that takes place. Not only are we now called a Masterpiece and a New Creation, but the Kingdom we have been rescued into is upside down in nature. We move from a place of darkness and into the light.  Our discipleship is learning how to engage with His Kingdom and His ways in order to thrive within it. It requires us to relearn and renew ways of thinking, attitudes we have accepted as normal, to re set values in our life that align themselves with who we are now called to be. It's truly mind blowing! And I have found, in order to step into the fullness of this Kingdom, I have needed to deepen my understanding of what dying to myself really means.

In my language, dying to myself is choosing to lay down my Lizby- Crown which seeks to place myself first, seeks to be understood, seeks my own happiness and my desires to be fulfilled. That crown which labels me Queen of Perfection. And instead, surrender that crown to Him and let Him tell me who I am. And remind me who I am not. 

When we choose to let go at this deeper level, God does something incredible. Something we do not deserve. Something that Jesus won for us on the cross. He places a solid crown of beauty and identity on our head. Immovable and unshakeable. And He tells you that you are His and are of immeasurable worth to Him.

This message is at the heart of our Beautiful Minds Gathering The Upside Down Kingdom: May 13-15. And I am passionate that you encounter God and the freedom found within this truth because it can turn your life upside down. As it has mine!  All the information you need can be found here on our website: