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Written by Lizby Warren

One of the first things you spoke into my life
Was a truth that began to set me free
That I was created for a purpose
A purpose not found within myself
But one that you gifted to me from your heart. 

You showed me that your love for me was so great 
That you chose to rescue me from myself 
And the dark path I may have followed. 
You re-positioned me within your kingdom of light. 

You gave me a brand new heart
A restored identity
A new assignment for my life
You wrote your truth on the canvas of my heart
It changed everything. 

You tell me I am Your Kingdom daughter
Called to serve and surrender to You Alone
Even when it’s costly. And my emotions fight. 
I know this all too well: 
That for you to have your way 
Something in me needs to break

So when I find myself
Desiring crowns that this world celebrates
I go to that place of humility.
And surrender to the Only One who has the power to crown me
With the deep longings of my heart
My self worth, my beauty & my purpose.

Thriving in your Kingdom
Means understanding a powerful truth
That if I want to find my true life- I will need to die to myself first.
If i want Your strength  - I first need to admit MY weakness. 
The rules of engagement with this new life are on Your terms not mine.

So every day- I offer up to you my mind and all it’s crazy thoughts. 
As a living sacrifice 
For your Spirit and I to work on this canvas together. 
To transform it into a landscape that reflects the truth
That I am a Kingdom Daughter and a Kingdom Warrior
I am not who I was. I am not who the world tells me I am.