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Here is an excellent thought by our guest blogger Inger Eliasabeth Aquino on the goal of our inner transformation.

One of the biggest obstacles for inner transformation…
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Are you Pushed or Pulled Through Life?

I was recently drawing together a message for our church on being sidetracked by distractions. And I found myself glued to this one fresh thought as I was reading someth…

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The Rooms of Your Heart

At 15, I opened the door of my heart to You
And from that moment You have taught me
That Your desire
Is to make Your home in there
To live and move and speak
In every room o…

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Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?

I love propagating new plants. This year I became frustrated with my large Dracena. It was growing in a crazy fashion and possessed a bizarre shape. So I took 5 baby cut…

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Your Mind is Like a Garden

I have found one of the most powerful ways to renew my mind is to FIRST imagine the inside of my mind like a garden. Gardens need shaping, cultivating and wise stewardsh…

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