Realign your thinking with who you are created to be.

We believe that God has made you for a specific purpose. That’s why we are all about creating a community where women can prosper and renew their minds.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Romans 12:2

Our Story

At the close of 2017, there began a stirring in me to reshape our ministry to women in our church. At the same time, I was a journeying though a challenging personal season where the Holy Spirit was taking me to a whole new level of understanding my identity in Christ. I had clearly hit some spiritual ceilings. And as I sought God - I began to realise that my frustrations were connected to this one fact. I had been compromising who I was called to be as a woman of God. I had not been exercising the fullness of my authority from my spiritual position in Christ. I knew it. And He knew it!

I had to admit that I had not built a deep enough habit of allowing the Word to renew my mind at every level. Having been saved at 15, I had crashed through many seasons where I had lost myself, wound up in cycles of defeat, struggled with lies that shouted out a negative message to me. And the comparison trap as a woman was REAL for me. The truth is- we can love Jesus, but at the same time, the internal climate of our mind can be so messy if we have not learnt to renew it with His truth.

So I decided to intentionally spotlight this area of my identity through study of the Word. I immersed myself for months into Ps Phil Pringles’s devotional book In Him. And I saw that the transformation needed was in the arena of my mind. I become fascinated with how lies are built and how they can be destroyed. I became a expert at asking myself questions and pulling out my thoughts. What were the roots behind my insecure, fearful thinking?

As I studied Romans 12:2 from every angle that I could, I determined that my mind needed to go on it’s own journey of transformation. And that job of renewal is mine, in partnership with the Holy Spirit. I alone am called to take ownership for what is going on between my ears, to discover the roots in my heart as to why I think like I do and allow Jesus into every room of my heart to bring His freedom.

It was this fresh revelation that laid all the foundations for Beautiful Minds in our church. And that name came to me in a cry to God that I wanted the landscape of my mind to be more beautiful. And with that I felt a clear resounding message for all women rising up in me. I spend months shaping and birthing the Why, What and How of this message and ministry. I launched it into our church in March 2018 with every hope that it would develop into a wider community and a platform hosting multiple teaching resources and events.

So from me to you. We would love you to join us! And embark on the powerful journey of renewal and growing a more beautiful mind. For you and the women you influence.

Love Lizby
Founder of Beautiful Minds

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