Fill your mind with who God says you are.

Welcome to
Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds is a message of hope and freedom to your mind. Our passion is to empower you to change the negative script in your head by breaking areas of captivity in your heart.

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Our mission

Finding identity

We want to help you fully engage in your identity in Jesus Christ so you can thrive as a woman of faith. We teach the power realigning your thoughts to reflect the woman you are called to be before God.

Renewing minds

We believe that your mind is not a cage where negative, defeated or insecure thoughts are imprisoned within you. Your mind is a garden that need cultivating, weeding and reshaping. We help you do that.

Supporting each other

This Beautiful Minds community of women has been birthed from within our church C3 Imagine, The Netherlands and is rapidly becoming a wider global community. We believe that it’s together that we take ground and support each other in this journey of recreating the landscape of our minds to be a spacious, beautiful place. You have an incredible God story in the making!

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Romans 12:2

How we help you

Why I Love Engaging With Beautiful Minds


Almere, The Netherlands

Through Beautiful Minds, I’ve been given tools with which I’ve learned to overcome some emotional battles. This community has taught me that real change happens when we dare to look inside. I’m so grateful for this amazing group of women


Surrey, UK

Fear dresses itself in different 'outfits'; comparison, jealousy, individuality, selfishness - and at the root, I can be so easily trapped by fear. This is why learning to renew my mind is really important. Our thought life and internal wrestle is not something we all find easy to talk about and so journeying with a community of women through Beautiful Minds is really special.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful Minds helped me see that my life was being run by my emotions and insecurity. Through God's help and the guidance of this ministry, I have been able to ‘renew my mind’, so that I am not ruled by my feelings. I have gained a greater understanding of God's love and acceptance of me which has become the lens through which I now see my life


Cheltenham, UK

For me, Beautiful Minds has all been about growing in my relationship with God and flourishing in life


Almere, The Netherlands

Beautiful Minds teaches me to think positively, by capturing degrading thoughts and aligning them with the truth of God.